We are st8 of play

We re–skill people to upscale performance

We are st8 of play

Virtual team trainings & game simulations

What do we do?

We are St8ofPlay.

We reskill people to upscale performance.

Everyone knows that the world of work is changing with relentless speed.

We’re here to convince leaders, teams and organizations that it’s okay.

That technology is disruptive for today’s jobs but an opportunity for tomorrows’ professionals.

That humans are the problem, but they are also the only answer.

We help build capabilities that embrace, enable, empower and expand people’s untapped superpower to become ever smarter, decisive, connected and understood.


Individually designed Learning and Development

Working with professionals in the areas of behaviour/emotions, analytics and communication we design programmes that accommodate your specific requirements.

Mixed learning methods

Using different learning methods like masterclasses, 1:1 coaching , simulations and more to ensure the best learning results – with you, for you.

About us and our team

St8 of Play 

We are St8 of Play, a team devoted to bringing out the best in people and preparing them for difficult situations in the workplace. And in life. We work remotely and sit globally, just like the majority of our clients.

Communication and trust are key skills we teach and embody ourselves. Our clients describe us as a passionate team that you want to get to know and we are very proud of that. 

Phil Willcox

Behaviour & emotion

Julian Jürgens

Administration and finance

Chris Pallaris


Sophie Peschanel


Our impact


Eibhlin Prendergast

Bayer AG

“The Long Game with associated masterclasses was the best training that I have undertaken. I really enjoyed the practical and theoretical aspects of the training.
We were given the opportunity to develop our communication skills during the course and I have found opportunities to apply the learning both in my work and in home life…

Chris Pallaris shared a lot of theory and gave us many useful tools to help us question and classify available information. What I found of most benefit was his approach to continuously make small changes and observe the outcome.

I could not recommend the training more highly.”

Olga Krutalevich

Bayer AG

“My experience with St8 of Play has been awesome! It is a mix of short academic studies, much practical learning and emotionally driven phycological therapy in the fields of communication, information analysis, situation awareness, and leadership.

I am so grateful to Phil and his team for the development of a growth mindset. Every participant finds their way to be efficient and successful. No doubt, it is a valuable investment to my personal and professional development.”

Denise Boehme

Bayer AG

“A great training for me is insightful and fun while doing it and – similarly important- has a recognizable sustainable impact in my everyday (work) life. The LongGame provided by St8ofPlay is such a great training!

The combination of a welcoming and safe environment, fun and exciting games, informative master classes and 1:1 feedback over a period of several months, enabled me to grow my leadership confidence as well as refine my conversation skills particular in challenging interactions.”

Christian Peschanel

Bayer AG

“I think The Long Game is a program that provides great skills in analytics and influence. We have been searching for something like that for quite some time – happy that we found it now at St8 of Play.

And our Issue Managers keep telling us that it provides value, not only for the big challenges, but that it has changed their everyday workstyle as well.”

Sam Brown

MindTools for Business

I had a great time playing St8 of play’s Sphnix game. They put a lot of thought and effort into crafting a well-thought-out, believable scenario and making the experience as engaging as possible, they had my attention throughout the whole thing! I’d love to have a go at another of their games!