Our partners

Licensed serious games partners

To support us in delivering our training programs to the right teams, we acquired international partners licensed to sell selected serious games programs. Selected for their expertise, we trust our partners to deliver our mission and communicate our values.


Our UK partner

We partnered with Emotion at Work as our exclusive UK partner for serious games.

“Emotion at Work are proud to be the official UK partner for St8 of Play’s impactful serious games products. We put emotion at the heart of everything we do, and are passionate about transforming the way emotions are viewed and utilised in the workplace. Serious games’ range of products is based on real-life workplace scenarios, and is the perfect tool to help you practice situational awareness and read and perceive others’ body language and emotions. Alongside Serious Games, Emotion at Work also offers consultation and facilitation services, Kirkpatrick programmes, coaching, and a plethora of resources and research in our online community.”

Our Swiss partner

We partnered with i-intelligence as our exclusive Swiss partner for serious games.

“i-intelligence is Europe’s leading provider of training and advisory services for organisations wishing to improve their research and analytic capabilities. Established in 2010, we endeavour to make the practice of intelligence as accessible as possible. Our course portfolio covers every step in the intelligence cycle, as well as the hard and soft skills needed to collect, analyse, manage and communicate business-critical intelligence as effectively as possible.”

What exactly are serious games?