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Bestsellers & FAQs

Limited time sale

Bestsellers & FAQs

About our programs

Unlock your team’s full potential with our bestselling programs. Our innovative training solutions boost team performance, improve communication and bring our your team’s fullest potential. These bestsellers allow you to dip your toes into into our virtual training programs in a cost-effective way and experience the impact we can have on your team’s performance. Achieve big results without a big commitment. With these shorter programs, you join our satisfied clients who already feel the impact of our virtual training programs.

See the difference and take advantage of our special sales prices today!


An unknown bank transfer with a lot of suspects. Sift through all the information with a ticking clock and apply sensemaking skills to solve the mystery.

Program details

  • 1/2 day training program
  • 4-5 participants
  • Masterclass “situational awareness and sensemaking”
  • Individual feedback sessions

Sale: 695 € per participant
903,50 € 30 % off!


Confidential information have been leaked. Apply elicitation and conversational skills to find out how this happened.

Program details

  • 1 day training program
  • 6-8 participants
  • Individual feedback sessions
  • Six key masterclasses

Sale: 1.595 € per participant
2.073,50 € 30 % off!

Questions often asked

What are team development trainings?

They can shift the state that your team is in so that you play in a way that gets you results. Working together we establish that desired state and craft a solution to get you there. It is not easy and takes work from the team to get there. When we do, we know it will stick.

Why are team development trainings important?

Teams are what drive and deliver value for organisations. One high performer cannot deliver results at scale and speed. Only a team does that. Yet often, the team is overlooked for the individual and that is where working with us is different. Combining the development of the required knowledge and skills with the chance to see it play out in real time, we deliver experiences teams never forget.

What types of training programs do you offer?

Ones that make a difference. Ones that take your team to the state it needs to be to succeed in the context and climate that you work. There will be a mix of masterclasses and serious game simulations, one to one feedback and coachings as well as on the job learning. 

How long do your training programs typically last?

This depends on the program you choose. Our programs can go from 1/2 day to 6 months or 12 months, and this is really customizable to you, your schedule and your preferences.

How many participants can attend a training program?

We offer training programs for teams consisting of a minimum of 4 people with SPHYNX. If groups are larger than 9, we like to split them up to give all participants the chance to speak, apply the skills and practice them in a safe environment.

How much does your team development training cost?

That depends. The classic consultant answer, but SPHYNX starts at 695€ per participant. We think a better question is how important is this to you? If this is critical, it matters and if done right transforms your state from where you are now to where you want to be?

What makes your training programs different?

They are nothing like any training programs you will have experienced before. Yes, there are some familiar components; evidence based content and learning approaches, opportunities to apply what is learned, feedback, coaching etc. What is different is the way they combine to deliver experiences that are memorable, challenging, provocative, transformational!

What are serious games simulations?

Serious games simulations provide a simulated serious work environment that is safe and ready for testing and learning. Due to the serious nature of our games, the skills and experiences acquired can be easily applied to the real life workplace. But they are still games – and games are a lot of fun!

Can I customize the team development training program?

Absolutely. Our programs are pre-designed and we recommend specific masterclasses for certain programs. These masterclasses can be exchanged and combined to fit your specific needs though.

Can I still do my day job while doing your training program?

Yes, our programs are designed so that you can continue to do your day job. There is a time commitment necessary to complete our training programs, however training days are agreed upon with the team upon start.

What results can I expect from your training programs?

Ones that can be counted and evidenced. Ones that stick and don’t slip backwards once the program has ended. Ones that align with the outcomes you wanted at the start. When starting a project, we collaboratively establish the measures of success, how we will assess progress and how we will know when we get there.

Do you offer follow-up support or coaching after the training program?

Yes, absolutely. Our trainings and skills make an impact that last and we offer you the support that you need to make that happen.

Do you offer your trainings in person?

Yes. They are only for those who are brave enough to take this on though so if you dare to try, let us know.

How do you use technology and people together to create change?

With elegance and grace, at least that is the intent we go in with. Technology can be a massive enabler or a barrier if used poorly. The same can be said of people. So, we craft solutions that bring the best of both to not only support in the program, also to make a difference in everyday life.

How big can you scale your trainings?

Within the confines of cohorts of 6-9 people, we can work with teams and departments of up to around 90 people. We have done this before with having multiple cohorts running at the same time  – and in different time zones.